“If you can trust anyone, you can trust a vegan, they’re doing it for ethical reasons”

Diets, lifestyles, opinions, memes, guidelines can all have a huge influence on how you choose to eat and live.

I’ve spoke to many people and some I still coach for their physical fitness, understand the roles and importance of nutrition, and they say “it’s not enough to convince me, I like what I like.” At first it was hard to take this on board especially because I’m so passionate about it. But it led me to realise I used to be in the same position and have the same trail of thought. I read so much information, studies and books in a short space of time, my thought was why aren’t we doing more to prevent diseases? live healthier? And at this time it was all one way traffic, one answer to all the nutrition questions - A PLANT-BASED diet.

Nearly 4 years down the line, my approach is different; I have pushed myself to broaden my understanding and to become more open minded. Everyone is different, therefore I needed to be more objective, I needed to evolve. Not everyone will one day wake up completing the transition to plant based. I didn’t want to come across as its all or nothing.

Adaptability, consistency and discipline.

The true essence of any change. The recipe for success in any area of life.

What we do know is, whole-food, fruits, vegetables, seeds and grains are undoubtably the healthiest foods humans can consume on a daily basis; avoiding saturated and trans fats are just as important too. When I first started out the variety of vegan alternatives was next to nothing in comparison to todays selections.

You can replace every animal product with a vegan option.

Although some of these replacements are still highly processed, removing the animal produce impacts not only your health but its good for the environment, its ethical. It represents that we are moving forward we are thinking more sustainable.

We need to show our future generations that we tried. We tried to prevent disease, we tried to help our planet, we tried to be more mindful towards others and animals we share this planet with.

With everything that has happened in 2020, one thing we can control is what we consume, our health, the people we surround ourselves with. This year I think we have all realised how important our mental, physical and overall health is. I believe we should be reminding ourselves everyday that the most important things in life can be the thing right in front of our face. We can choose to eat, think, watch, drink, talk garbage or we can thrive in health.

The decision to eat healthier and ethically source our food isn’t an easy job. It takes time and small steps. More water, less milk, small changes make a huge difference.

We have an array of recipes, cookbooks, tips and tricks to help everybody try and boost their health.

It’s now up to you lead a healthier, happier life.




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