Wild Root Cafe coming soon to Baltic Triangle (with a LHW members-only treat)

Founder of the Wild Root Charlie Tomlinson, has been promoting the importance of health by leading and cooking a plant-based lifestyle for years.

Charlie has recently spent a full week learning with Channel 4's Bettina Bordi who runs a plant-based academy which involved an intense week of learning from the best to develop her already amazing skillset!

Wild Root Cafe will be opening very soon which will be a vegan cafe with an incredible array of plant-based goodness based in the hustling area of the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool. Charlie has created a wonderful buzz across her channels with beautifully photographed, nutritionally delicious food for takeaway, which has to no surprise sold old each week. Wild Root has an amazing selection of stunningly curated graze/salad boxes, fermented, jarred veggies, cashew "cheese" pots and pick me up energy balls for the sweet tooths.

Collaborating with local businesses such as The Baltic Farm and Greens for Good, this supports our community in living a sustainable and ethical lifestyle. Wild Root operate with minimal waste, leaving a minimum foot-print on the environment with the maximum value to those that they interact with. They aim to make plant-based food, easy, inspiring and accessible to all. Charlie uses her platform to spread the word and help improve the city's slow approach to health and wellbeing with things like educational workshops, healthy food pop-ups, mini retreats and so much more!

Charlie also brought Wild Root to our Eudaemonia Festival at Hinterlands where she served her graze boxes and kraut which went down a treat for everyone that attended!

Charlie's lifestyle runs in the whole family as her mum, Polly, is a Homeopath and gut health coach. They have teamed up and created a wonderful retreat called 'Live Well Now'. The next retreat commences this Friday 25th September at 4pm through until Sunday 27th September. Over the weekend you can expect campfire cooking and cashew cheese making demos, flower remedy workshop, love letter workshop, walking meditations and letting go ceremony with Polly, craft workshops include, foraging and wreath making, affirmation flags workshop and printing workshop. Your ticket price also includes award winning accommodation at The Cattle Shed in Grindleford as well as 7 plant-based meals. 

If you are reading this and are interested in this wonderful retreat that Charlie and her mother has put together, Charlie has gifted all LHW members an incredible 20% discount off their retreat. Sign up to be a member of Liverpool Health & Wellbeing at the following link: https://www.liverpoolhealthandwellbeing.com/membership and then contact Charlie with proof of your membership to receive the discount.

If you want to know any more about Charlie, her mum or Wild Root, be sure to clink the links below.





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