• Blair

But first... Coffee?

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed drinks on the planet. I personally think that the 9-5 capitalist society we live in wouldn’t work without coffee but what do I know! I do know as an avid coffee drinker that there are some really sexy cups out there that bring me such pleasure. But there are also some bitter, naaasty cups that taste like tar! So I’m going to tell you some of the best cups of coffee we have had in the city.

Coffee is full of chemicals but despite what you may have heard, there are quite a lot of nutritional benefits. For a start, coffee is high in antioxidants and linked to reducing the risk of many diseases. The general, stimulating effects of coffee are fairly easy to understand, caffeine is a known stimulant and it basically blocks the function in your brain that slows you down. Another great bit of info for all you coffee lovers - it does not affect your sleep! After years of research (14 to be exact) there was no correlation between coffee - or caffeine consumption within 4 hours before bed, and sleep.

So enough of me babbling on about chemicals… I actually want to share our favourite coffees from some lovely independents. Now at home, I love a quick (homemade) flat white topped off with a foamy layer of almond milk. It gives it that creamy nutty taste without making it too sweet. Some almond milks split in the cup, which isn’t ideal but I use Alpro Barista Almond which you can out straight into the cup without heating. You can get a prefect flat white from Leaf, which have other milk alternatives but this one is my fave. Cool vibe in here. A few little couches so if you’re quick, you can get one and base off here drinking lots of coffee and eating some lovely food.

We also have another one of our festival exhibitors, 92 degrees. These guys and their flavourful coffee are popping up everywhere. We love their oat milk latte - so much we’re going to get some of their ‘brew at home’ stuff so we can enjoy it at home. You can now order on their app and they don’t charge extra for milk alternatives! They’ve got a boss little competition on at the moment. Check out their insta to be in with a chance of winning free coffee for a week

Imagine this, you’re hungry and flagging a little… need a coffee fix but don’t need the jitters that will come with drinking one on an empty stomach? Stop what you’re doing and head to Coffee & Fandisha! The food, cakes and coffee are DELICIOUS. I’m loving their cortados for when I’m looking for something a little stronger than a standard flat white.

Then we have Little World Market oat milk latte. They use Neighbourhood Coffee which is just perfect for your caffeine fix. Plus now the Autumn has crept in without warning, they have a gorgeous open fire inside to go with it! Talk about cosy! Oat milk is probably the most neutral flavour of milk alternatives and doesn’t over power the coffee. These guys are regulars at our festivals and we practically live in their cafe! Get yourself down there, if anything to try their ‘black pudding’ - thank me later.

Bean Coffee does some fabulous coffees but I think the matcha latte is up there with the best I’ve tasted. I know, I know, its tea not coffee but I couldn’t write about Bean and not mention it. I’d be doing you a disservice. Back to coffee - oat milk late is the LHW favourite.

And then there’s lots more for you to try - Moose Coffee, Ryde, One Fine Day, Thoughtfully, Lunya to name a few.

Where is your favourite place to go and what’s your go to coffee?

“When life gives you lemons, trade them for coffee.”

Have a great day and may your coffee kick in before reality does! Liverpool Health & Wellbeing Team


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