The LHW Experience has been created as a retreat within the city, a way in which you can escape city life without actually leaving. A way to see the city from a different point of view, in a much more inspiring setting, whilst doing all things health and wellbeing related.


We have teamed up with a number of different businesses throughout the city who are boasting a healthier and happier life, in which we can create a day experience like no other.


From starting off with a relaxing session including yoga, X-Hail or even mediation, there will be different snacks, cakes, juices included, a small workout session, and even an exhilarating one, there is so much to do.


And the best part… the numbers are only small, as we want to keep the experience as personal and enjoyable as possible, a chance for you to ask try a load of new stuff, meet new people, and ask loads of questions to our experts to grow and develop your own knowledge and understanding.


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