We want to bring the people and businesses of Liverpool together to generate a healthier, happier city for us now and future generations.


Our aim is to become the 'Health & Wellbeing Capital of the UK'.


We are committed to creating a community like no other; through positive energy, we will grow a movement of people being mindful of their overall health and wellbeing.


Liverpool Health & Wellbeing is a hub that enables health and wellbeing businesses to showcase products and services, to not only grow and develop their own business, but to help people lead a healthier and happier life in the process.


Through our different events, we are able to demonstrate how spectacular this city can be in unity and how we can work together to bring change. Whether you’re wanting to learn about lifestyle changes that you can implement today or you’re a business looking to demonstrate your idea, we’re here to help.


Community, energy, growth and mindfulness are the four main ingredients that support the vision of Liverpool Health & Wellbeing. We take extreme pride in our company values and incorporate these into everyday life, and it has shaped our culture as a business. We hope that in turn it inspires people to live a happier and healthier lifetstyle.


We work collaboratively with people and businesses to shape a community that contributes to people having a better lifestyle.


We aim to create motivation and energy for people to make health changes to their lifestyle whether its physically or mentally.

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In order to grow we must learn. We must educate ourselves and try new things. We believe in the power of home grown and organic.

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We believe that being mindful of your surroundings, situations and subconcious is the key to overall wellbeing.

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