Eudaemonia Is Back!

When festivals were all about being covered in mud and glitter or swamped tents, you’ll now hear how people have spent the weekend at a healthier version clean raving. The face of the festival has changed. This began a few years back when club culture went wild for wellness. Now non-alcoholic raves and a day of yoga and meditation are bringing health and well-being to the masses.


Back for the third time this year and with a brand new name, EUDAEMONIA is here with some of the returning companies and a lot of new ones!


Focusing on your mental, physical and emotional mental state is so important and the clean living generation is increasing its masses by the day! Whether you’re looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle or need a few pointers in the right direction or even a full lifestyle change, Eudaemonia is the place for you.


Here are some reasons why this is a must!


What’s On!

It’s Liverpool’s healthiest festival showcasing a wide variety of different vendors. Eudaemonia hosts mindfulness and exercise classes, yoga sessions, spa treatments, cookery classes, plant based food, meditation and talks.


There isn’t anything else like it in the city. We love bringing together Liverpool’s independent’s under one roof to show you how amazing the city is. These companies all have similar mindsets and are here to help you live not only a healthier life but a happier one.


The Food

Let me tell you a bit about the food stalls. Firstly they’re all plant based meals, snacks and refreshments. There is a wonderful array of places to go all serving you different foods.

In the previous festivals and returning favourites, we had cakes and snacks from The Nakery, amazing rainbow salads from Picnic, tasty Buddha bowls from Little World and a fantastic selection of veggie food from Indigo Greens. This is just to name a few. Secondly these companies show you just how delicious food can actually be and it’s all good for you. No meat, no dairy, no GMO’s, no additives. The list is endless.


The Crowd

The people here include everyone from yuppies to Instagramming youngsters, families bringing their kids or seniors and people who just want to learn and find out what’s going on in the city!

Everyone is on a natural high and if you come just to see what’s on, soon you will find yourself joining in and loving it!


The Classes

The wellness trend is taking over and although festivals are usually associated with hedonists and live music, the new clean living generation are bringing the focus on wellbeing. Eudaemonia is hosting exercise and yoga classes from the likes of The ES Lifestyle, Liverpool Yoga Studios, Hotfit, X-Hail, KO8 and many more. Martin Bone will be spreading his wisdom by teaching mindfulness and meditation. There’s something for everyone and after speaking to a few people after the last festival, there were just having a look around and ended up doing a HIIT session or yoga class and loved it. Even the kids got involved!


The Stalls

So as you have read so far, there’s plenty to keep you active and lots to eat and drink but there is so much more in the stalls. We have an array of different vendors such as health spas offering spa treatments, apothecary from the holistic stalls, natural organic skincare products, candles and diffusers and even a fabulous range of stylish active wear. There is then the stalls that are showcasing what the city has to offer like days out in the city such as paddle boarding with Supco and even the health spa with a floatation tank, Float Planet. Who doesn’t love a bit of retail therapy especially if it’s all things that are good for you!


The Talks & Seminars

It’s a little less formal than a seminar and they are more like exclusive talks from experts in the health wellbeing world. We have nutritional advice from Jack from Train Eat Educate and Miss Organic all the way from Australia, health and well-being awareness from a mental health advocate/author and a very informative talk from Konscious Konsumption. You’ll definitely learn a lot from one of these!


Kids Go free!*

Now it may have sounded like somewhere you’d rather go without the kids but there is plenty for them to do. We have lots of arts and crafts, Yoga Bears, entertainment and face panting and lots more. It’s a perfect day to have your kids learn what’s good for you, how to cook, exercises and there’s even a few competition which the kids love getting involved in. For those parents that have had trouble getting their kids to eat their fruit and vegetables, this is a great opportunity to teach them and have them join in and they’ll soon be clearing their plate. It is also perfect for parental engagement as anyone who has kids knows it can prove somewhat difficult trying to educate kids on what’s good and bad when the older generations are still struggling with it themselves.

* children under 12 go free and all children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult


The Venue

So being on the third festival of the year alone, we have almost tripled in size we have booked Eudaemonia in Hinterlands.

Hinterlands is a cool, dynamic complex and is located in one of Liverpool’s most exciting and fastest growing areas, the Baltic Triangle. With a main event hall where the stalls, food, kids area and entertainment will be, there is a mezzanine where you can enjoy yoga and more light refreshments. There is the ‘Eclipse’ room, which is a black out room where the HIIT classes and exercises will take place and a room just for meditation and even a separate area for talks. This venue is amazing and will be absolutely spot on for this event.


The Price

Where you’ll find most ticket prices for wellness festivals range from £30-£150 these are only £7-£10. This includes your entrance and all the workshops and talks. You won’t find anything like this in Merseyside with such benefits!


These are just a few reasons you should attend and bring everyone with you!
Head over to Eventbrite for tickets before they sell out!


Well wishes,

The LHW Team