The Power of Routine

New Year, New Me?   We’ve officially made it through another year and another decade!      Is it just me or are the years flying by way too quick? When I think about the past 12 months, it seems they’ve gone by in the blink of an eye. Who else still thinks of the...
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Healthy Habits And Kids

Helping Children with Healthy Habits Healthy habits help children grow up happy and healthy as well as preventing health problems both mentally and physically.    3 pillars of a healthy lifestyle There are 3 pillars of a healthy lifestyle: a balanced diet, physical exercise and sleep. This applies to any age so helping children develop...
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Sleep And Mental Health

What is sleep?  It’s a necessity of life. A way to restore and rebalance.   Sleep is essential for many vital physical and behavioural functions including energy conservation, impairing thinking and emotional regulation, brain waste clearance and development, modulation of immune responses, cognition, performance, vigilance and disease. Your body needs sleep just as it needs...
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All I want for Christmas is… a Digital Detox

All I want for Christmas is… a Digital Detox Christmas is generally a time when you get together with people you haven’t seen for a while. Or even people you do see often but are celebrating the joy of Christmas. But given the current dysfunctional capitalistic society we live in who are all more obsessed...
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Mindfulness is about being aware of, accepting and giving attention to, the present moment. Just experiencing that moment fully, the space around you without criticism or judgement.   You may read about it in a book, hear about it in a lecture or talk about it with friends. These things will give you a better...
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Eudaemonia Is Back!

When festivals were all about being covered in mud and glitter or swamped tents, you’ll now hear how people have spent the weekend at a healthier version clean raving. The face of the festival has changed. This began a few years back when club culture went wild for wellness. Now non-alcoholic raves and a day...
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