Welcome to LHW. A business here to help those embracing a healthier lifestyle. We are here to show you a how, what, where and when!


Our Vision

Creating a happier, healthier self.


Creating a healthier city.


We are here to make a change.


We are here to help those who share the same vision.

Our aim is to bring as many people together who share the same vision. Who want to be a better version of themselves.


  • We unite leading experts in fitness, yoga and meditation as well as award winning eateries, holistic artisans and treatments.
  • We invite everyone to our events to see the amazing showcase of businesses, products and services.
  • We must work collaboratively with people and businesses to shape a community that contributes to people having a better lifestyle.
  • We aim to create a health and wellbeing movement that impacts the city on an unprecedented level.
  • We believe that we can motivate people to make healthy changes to their lifestyle physically, mentally spiritually and environmentally.
  • We believe that we can offer an insight to Liverpools finest companies with similar mindset.


A positive vibe attracts a positive tribe.


  • In order to grow, we must learn.
  • We must educate ourselves and others and try new things.
  • We believe in the power of homegrown and organic.
  • We are working with people and businesses who strive for a better life.
  • We believe that being mindful of your surroundings, situations and subconscious is the key to overall wellbeing.


Our health & wellness movement is an initiative to help teach people about the importance of mindfulness ultimately contributing to a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

  • We believe in an integrated mind, body and soul solution and we are here to show you the simple yet effective holistic experience.


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“Welcome to Liverpool Health & Wellbeing, from the start our goal has never changed We want to make Liverpool the Health & Wellbeing capital of the UK our driving force is the people of the city which leads to our values, created just for you. Each one of our colours represent a guide to achieve our goal.


As we drive ever closer to our goal, we want you to believe in yourselves, that you have the power to change what lies ahead of you, and you are amazing, you deserve to feel great and as a city, we can grow together.”

– Jack & Ethan, Founding Partners


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